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Medium Oil Alkyd Series

Medium Oil Alkyd Series

Medium Oil Type Solvent N.V % Colour G/ NV Viscosity G at 25c Acid Value Features Main Applications
T 54 T Low rosin tall Oil fatty acid White Spirit 55, 50 Max. 7 at 50% W to X 5 – 10 -High viscosity type with excellent gloss & gloss retention and outdoor durability. Very good yellowing resistance. -Low cost primers &undercoats and high gloss decorative enamels.
S 48 T Soya-bean Oil White Spirit 50 Max. 7 at 50% Z3 – Z 4 5 – 10 -Extra high viscosity type with excellent gloss&gloss retention and outdoor durability.
-good yellowing resistance.
-Spray able enamels for semi industrial purposes.
-Decorative enamels.
R 43 NT Castor Oil Xylene 70, 50 Max. 4 at 50% W to X 10 – 25 -Excellent gloss &gloss retention and adhesion to metals surface when used in stoving enamels.
-Good filling properties when used in cellulose nitrate lacquers.
-Stoving enamels for steel surfaces.
-Cellulose nitrate polishing for wood furniture’s.


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