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Jet NC Surfacer

- Primers - Nitrocellulose - Wood Coatings

NC surfacer is used directly before the last paint layer in order
to give a smooth surface. It’s manufactured from alkyd resin
and nitrocellulose and is characterized by easy sanding.

ADVANTAGES: It is used to fill pores in wood & metal
surfaces and to give a smooth surface after sanding.

USAGE: Wood & metal surfaces after putty to give a smooth

Appearance: Matt.
Color: all basic colors.
Solid content by weight: 61% ± 2.
Density: 1.4 gm/ cm.
Viscosity: 20000 cp at 25° C.
Drying time: Surface Dry: 15 min.
Complete Dry: 30 min.
Time for re-painting: 10 – 15 min.

Application method: Apply using a spray gun (nozzle 1.8-2
mm/pressure 3-4 bar) after diluting the paint by N.C thinner
to get spray viscosity

Technical Data Sheet
Jet_NC-Surfacer porduct

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