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MIDO One Polyester Putty Campaign 2021

Our technical support, sales, and marketing team recently launched a comprehensive campaign in line with MIDO Coatings’ dedication to advancing craftsmen’s skills and equipping them with the latest techniques in the car paints industry. This initiative aimed to educate craftsmen on the application of MIDO One Polyester Putty across numerous governorates and regions, ensuring they are well-versed in utilizing this premier product.

The campaign’s primary focus was to highlight the features of MIDO One Polyester Putty in automotive painting and to train craftsmen on its proper application. This effort aligns perfectly with MIDO Paints’ mission to elevate the quality of craftsmanship and boost the efficiency of workers in the automotive refinish industry.

Over 65 days, 20 dedicated teams from MIDO Paints conducted 3,323 workshops in various governorates, engaging 6,452 craftsmen. These workshops provided in-depth explanations of the unique features of MIDO One Polyester Putty, alongside practical demonstrations of its application. Craftsmen were given the opportunity to have their questions answered and received valuable tips to enhance their work.

To support ongoing learning, the company distributed comprehensive educational materials, written guidelines, and instructional videos. These resources enable craftsmen to refer back as needed, ensuring they consistently apply the product correctly.

The campaign proved to be a resounding success, demonstrated by the positive feedback and increased confidence from the craftsmen. Their enhanced understanding of MIDO Paints’ products and improved application techniques directly translate to higher-quality work in the automotive refinish sector.

Furthermore, this campaign significantly strengthened MIDO Paints’ relationships with craftsmen across various governorates, fostering loyalty to the MIDO Paints brand.

MIDO Paints is committed to continuing similar awareness campaigns in the future. The success of this initiative reflects our vision of enhancing craftsmanship quality and developing worker skills in the automotive refinish field. These efforts not only contribute to customer satisfaction but also support the company’s sustainable growth.


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